Friday, 10 June 2011

Seeing Stars

It's Sail for Gold and the world's sailing stars have descended on sunny Weymouth for some world cup sailing action. As if galavanting with the Mach 2 wasn't enough, Carbon Footprint has been a bit neglected as I have quite literally had my hands full providing physiotherapy for the Sail for Gold competitors. Eager to repay her for being so understanding, I managed to take advantage of a quick break today whilst everyone was sailing to take the Print out for a spot of spectating, (a word she always seems to translate as showing off, not sure how that happens).

I asked The Print which class she wanted to see, apparently she has a soft spot for the big strong boys in the Stars, a girl can't turn down a request like that, so out to sea we headed... The course was miles away... I couldn't even see the fleet as I came out of the harbour. 45 minutes of downwind foiling directly out to sea later and we were almost there... In fact I think we were almost in France... should have brought my passport. Thank goodness for Adam's epoxy work, I didn't fancy breaking something vital so far from home.

The racing was game on in a lovely sunny Weymouth bay, should definitely have brought my camera, doh! So, just how long does it take to hike home when you have sailed downwind for 45 mins? Suffice to say a long time! Fortunately I had my Crew Fuel to power my journey home, not quite sure how I would have managed it otherwise.

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