Friday, 1 March 2013

Seaplane Lagoon Yacht Club

When moving to a new area there are plenty of things that are useful to find out such as; where the shops are, where you can and can’t go after dark, where you are going to live... Then there are the priority things to find out such as where to launch your Moth. Fortunately sail boat racing teams tend to base themselves in locations with access to the water and Artemis Racing has chosen a large area of disused naval base, previously used to house a fleet of seaplanes. Hence the area of water nicely enclosed by a sea wall to keep the nasty San Francisco chop out, called Seaplane Lagoon, is to be my new foiling home. So I decided, in wheeling the Moth to a piece of old airstrip next to the small slip way, that this would be the formation of 'Seaplane Lagoon Yacht Club'. She is a little lonely at the moment but I am sure more members will join her soon. 

Seaplane Lagoon Yacht Club poster featuring action from it's heyday

Seaplane Lagoon is also home to the USS Hornet aircraft carrier, if I previously thought I always launched with the refrains of Danger Zone running through my head, I certainly do now.

Retro naval airbase surroundings at Seaplane Lagoon Yacht Club. I can just imagine the Top Gun piano scene occurring right in here... altogether now... 'Goodness gracious, great balls of fire...'


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