Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Bay Adventures

The main ethos behind Foiling Boat Adventures is sailing great fun boats, but also exploring and finding adventures in the places that sailing takes me to. The Bay Area certainly has some great places to explore and adventures to offer, I have to admit that I have started out more on the main tourist activities side than strictly adventures so far but I find that when I am somewhere new, then everything is an adventure. Taking said tourist activities to heart, Adam and I did the obligatory renting a bike from Blazing Saddles, (named, I am sure, after how your bottom feels afterwards), and rode across the Golden Gate bridge on one of our early recon missions to San Fran. Cycling seems like an apt way to explore this city which has the outdoors so woven into it’s fabric. Plus if you stick to the waterside, you get non-stop beautiful views and can avoid the notorious hills. I am looking forward getting to know the Bay Area better and see what adventures it has in store.

What San Francisco must-sees do you think Foiling Boat Adventures should experience?


  1. Hike from Muir woods to Stinson Beach

  2. And don't avoid the hills. They're good for you!

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