Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Stocking fillers

Some of you may recognise my predicament. Today I pressed send on an email and ever since I have been obsessively checking my inbox to see if he has replied. Checking the time in Australia, maybe it's the middle of the night, maybe it would be unreasonable to expect him to reply just yet... Perhaps I'll just go on Skype and see if he is online... Get a get a grip girl, stop being ridiculous, you can't expect him to break the mandatory 48hr response time rule. Fortunately Amac being the gentleman that he is got straight back to me and the news was good. I am now enrolled on the all new Mach 2 shopping website. There is everything a girl could want; fashion, beautifully crafted pieces of metal work, even the much coveted Small Anhedral Hydro Rudder Horizontal and who is ever going to say no to a low friction ball joint?

With less than a month to go it sounds like an excuse for some Christmas shopping. One word of advice guys, choose wisely, get your beloved anything with ‘wing nut’ or ‘stump plug’ in the description and you should probably start decorating the dog house. Should you foolhardily ignore my advice and she enthuses about the wonders of a wing nut, face it, she is almost definitely faking.

Check out the offerings of the Mach 2 elves at

Raise your hand if you have asked Santa for a new boat for Christmas. Hope you have all been good enough.

Ok it's only Mach1 but there is never much of an 
excuse required to post this picture

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