Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Sunrise to sunset

The sunrise to sunset foiling challenge

The challenge had been set to foil 100 miles between sunrise and sunset on the 2nd of May as part of the Windsurf for Cancer Research campaign. The forecast didn't look good, 3kts rising rapidly to 30, not ideal foiling conditions! But the challenge was laid down and many of you had kindly sponsored me so there was not backing out.

4:30 alarm call and down to WPNSA to rig up in the darkness.

Looking back at the moonlit sailing academy as I launched.

Rigging by moonlight.

Raising money for cancer research is what it is all about.

Sailing out in to the dawn, quite a beautiful experience being out on the water in complete solitude, (and a little chilly)

3 hrs in, the wind is holding true to the forecast and gusting 3kts. I have manage to cover 2.7 miles, I feel the 100 may be a little out of reach!

Being completely becalmed, I did what all singlehanded sailors do in the Doldrums and took photographic self portraits and pictures of albatrosses.

The wind soon filled in, and filled in, and filled in some more to a steady 30kts. I managed 15 miles of foiling before the narrow window of foiling opportunity closed. Not wanting to be give up on the challenge I rigged up my windsurf kit and managed a further 20 miles.

35 miles in total, not the 100 I had hoped for but still further than sailing to France so given the conditions I was pretty happy. The 100 miles challenge will have to wait for another day but will not be forgotten!

Last but not least I need to say some big thank yous:

To all of you who generously sponsored me and supported Cancer Research.
(you still can at www.justgiving.org.uk/Katherine-Knight if you would like to help this very worthwhile cause).

To the guys who organised the event and Tris who hosted the day in Weymouth. I am very grateful to them for letting my Moth join in the fun.

To Adam for staying up all night to mend my foil which I broke 2 days before the event and still getting up at 4:30 to help me rig and take the pictures.

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