Monday, 19 April 2010

Moth adventure for Cancer Research

100 mile foiling challenge!!!

Carbon Footprint will be joining in with the sunrise to sunset windsurf event in Portland Harbour on 2nd May. Sunrise to sunset, that can't be that long I thought, so I entered full of excitement a the thought of a whole day on the water. Better just check how long a whole day is, oh, 05:37 to 20:33 to be exact, hmm, that's going to be quite a long day!!!

Still I've put some thought into preparation, I have thought a lot about food: "I wonder how much I will need to eat to keep sailing that long" and "I wonder how I am going to carry enough food". I have tried to ignore the issue of the call of nature as the only way to be warm enough swimming out in darkness at 5.30 is going to be to wear a drysuit.

Just to put what I initially thought would be a jolly day out into perspective, that is 15hrs of non-stop sailing, added to which the windsurfers have challenged me to cover at least 100 miles. That's like foiling to France and back..... twice! Or considering my longest day of sailing ever and my normal morning run it's a way bigger step up than the London Marathon would be!

Difficulties and neoprene induced skin irritation aside, there are still two awesome reason to be doing this:

1) To raise loads or money for cancer research, the importance of this cause is brought home to me every day, working in Weldmar Hospice with people suffering for cancer amongst other diseases. If I can manage a fraction of the courage and determination they show I should have no problem.

2) Whatever windsurfers can do, foilers can do to!* **

So please, visit my just giving site: http:/ and give generously to support a very worthy cause.

Thank you

*If it is really, really windy I reserve the right to take on the windsurfers at their own game!

**Things involving shallow water exempt!

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  1. WOW! How inspiring are you. I'm in Sydney but just had to go and get you off the mark with the fundraising :) Who's next?