Monday, 9 August 2010

Where have you been all my life?

There comes a stage in every relationship, that special turning point when you know you have reached a certain level of commitment... you are ready to share everything.... and he asks that one important question every girl waits her whole life to hear...... ‘Honey, would you like a go in my Mach 2?’

Of course I said yes straight away, at a moment like this it didn’t seem fair to make him wait with bated breath for my answer. For those interested in the details, no he didn’t go down on one knee, although I do believe he asked my father first!

After the ceremonial exchange of rigs, and a bit of jigging about as the kickers didn’t fit, off we went out of the marina, not quite wing-bar to wing-bar as I had a bit of trouble getting in.

So how was it? I think the title says it all. I can see why those already within the holy institute of Mach 2 ownership exchange knowing glances and paternally encourage those more wayward members of the fleet to settle down and enjoys the wonders only a certain special relationship can bring.

On the sailing side, awesome! Ventured out side the flat water playpen and sent it in the waves, showboating in front of... sorry, watching... the olympic classes racing. Only one capsize, when taking, tricky and over rated maneuver anyway. Carbon Footprint was feeling a little jealous and threw Adam out in the waves 7 times, sorry honey! Fortunately he took it like a man

Now, how to persuade him to let me sail it at the Europeans!?!

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