Tuesday, 5 March 2013

My favourite things about the F18

As part of my mission of attempting to learn to sail catamarans, Adam and myself have got ourselves a Nacra Infusion F18 for playing in the Bay. Had our first sail in a nice 10kts of breeze and managed to capsize in the first 10 mins, oops! Still, that's 9 mins 54 secs longer than my first Moth sail. Slightly distressed by the lack of foiling I though I should think of the best things about the F18:

1) I get to sail with Adam which is a nice change from being by myself on the Moth. All adventures are better shared and now someone gets to enjoy hearing the Top Gun soundtrack that plays in my mind and sometimes sneaks it's way out of my mouth while I am sailing. Not sure that is quite as much fun for Adam, if I ever went on X Factor I would have a sporting change of making it onto the worst-singers-ever montage.

2) It’s relatively large size and stability mean that it is much easier to carry and eat a decent selection of snacks whist sailing, therefore significantly increasing adventure potential.

3) When it's windy going downwind is still really fun and you get a extra sail to play with. Plus went you inevitably stick the bow in, pitchpole and get ejected out the front you can be safe in the knowledge that the crew has been ejected even more dramatically.

4) Relatively larger periods of time between face first, 25 kt impacts with the water mean that a novelty pink sequinned Santa hat is appropriate attire for the Seaplane Lagoon Christmas Novelty race. The more observant of you will notice that the sun is shining and t-shirts are being comfortable worn onboard, yes this is Christmas racing - California style.

I should maybe have included that you get a crew to do all of the hard work for you in the list of benefits but I am not sure how I feel about this one. Whilst it is certainly nice to have help with the heavy stuff, I quite like the working hard part and it feels a bit like you are missing out on something sitting at the back, plus there is nothing like a good hike or hoist to keep you warm.

Which do you think are best, cat or foilers? Singlehanded or with a friend?


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  2. Thanks Jennifer, I'm glad you like it

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