Thursday, 28 March 2013

Bad Romance, what’s yours?

The song that clicks to the top of your mind-playlist as the sun shimmers off the water and you swoop into that first bear away. The boat accelerates, the foils hum and the in-your-head volume cranks up. 

What would your perfect foiling playlist 8-track be? Like all what’s your favourite music questions, it can be mood and situation dependent. A light wind evening, barely ghosting silently on the foils in the setting sun conjures up some different mind-tracks to a high wind, big chop survival pitchpole fest but my old faithfuls that just keep coming up. I would love to give you a reason for each, how it makes me feel, what it reminds me of, why I chose it but the simple answer is that I don’t know - they just pop into my head and join me foiling. So at risk of revealing my somewhat debatable musical tastes, here is my 8-track playlist - what are your favourite foiling tracks?

Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
Circle the Drain - Katy Perry
Wild Ones - Flo Rida 
Blow me (one last kiss) - Pink
Save me, San Francisco - Train
Illusion and Dream - Poets of the Fall
Suddenly - LeAnn Rimes
and of course… 
Danger Zone - Kenny Loggins


  1. Ninja Rap - Vanilla Ice
    Rocket - Braund Reynolds

  2. Song don't enter my head while sailing, it seems to clear out everything but the moment. Maybe that's why I do it.

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  4. Everything Everything kemosabe

    Abbe May - Cast That Devil Out

  5. mmmh, are you really talking 8-track here? These "big" casettes which one could make playing all night long when you got her in your VW camper during Kiel Week? I still have a few left...ha ha