Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Foiling with an icon

Well an iconic skyline anyway. The San Fran city skyline with the pointy Bank of America building and the Bay Bridge are a pretty cool sailing back drop. I got my foils wet in San Francisco Bay today and it didn’t disappoint. Blue sky, a decent breeze and timed to avoid the dreaded chop-inducing ebb tide. Now I just have to remember to focus on sailing and not looking at the scenery. 

Ok, ok, no post about San Fran icons would be complete without a picture of that extra special Golden Gate Bridge, so here you are, enjoy. I somehow think it might not be the last bridge picture that will make it onto this blog ;)


  1. Epic, go for a spin on Tomales Bay and foil over the S. Andreas fault.

    1. That is an awesome adventure idea!!! I am definitely going to try it, watch this space...

  2. Was wondering where you'd gone!

  3. Hey Cookie - hiding over here away from the snow. Liking your new boat design :)