Friday, 20 January 2012

Bringing back the glory days of aviation

So, ticket in hand I make my way to the departure gait for the long haul to Miami. I spy my plane waiting for me on the tarmac, but hang on something isn’t right, now I am no plane expert but even I can tell that that is no Airbus. Not to worry, once I settle in with the touch screen movie selection the journey will just fly by. Stepping on board I am transported back to the glory days of aviation, when business class meant brown leatherette and TVs had 2 inches of glass for screens, now where did I put my flying goggles? So, no movies, what did we do for entertainment in the days before television? Looks like I will just have to rely on the old fashioned art of conversation, that and my e-reader and my iPad. Fortunately for me the chap next to me was quite chatty, 7hours of me talking, I wonder where today featured in the top 10 of his best days ever? I know what you are wondering, 7hrs on a plane with a stranger with nothing else to while away the time, some would say it was inevitable but did I or didn’t I? Fear not fair listener... of course I showed him a picture of Carbon Footprint.

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