Saturday, 26 November 2011

Pimp my ride

To make amends for the countless times she has been left behind whilst I have swanned of on adventures to foreign shores with the Mach 2, I have promised Carbon Footprint a little road trip over the winter. She is looking a bit tired, so if she is to go on a trip, I decided she needs some pimping. What could be racier (and not involve and fiddly, messy epoxy) than the Union Jack-and-surname sticker combo? I found some stick on carbon stuff on e-bay, much cheaper and with less need for resin than the real thing... wonder if you can make whole boats out of it? Maybe I will develop the first origami Moth...

The following photo was taken partly for the purposes of showing off my cutting and sticking skills, and partly to ensure I had in fact spelt my name correctly. One would think I should be capable of such a simple task, however consider if you will the fact that a Brad Pitt film had happened to come on the TV whist cutting out the letters, (for happened you could read 'was inserted into the DVD player', your choice). Either way you can forgive a girl for the odd lapse in concentration, if not being rendered overcome and incapable of remembering her own name. The whole process was actually a bit fiddly... it would be so much easier if I had a shorter surname... come to think of it Pitt hasn't got many letters...


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  2. May isn't too long a surname either!! ;-)