Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The best boats... The best sailors...

What an exciting weekend for the world of sailing! Along with many others I decided to brave the elements and show my support to the best sailors in the world. I was not disappointed, the spectacle was breathtaking, the best sailors in the world competing nation against nation in extreme wind conditions in the most technologically advanced boats in the world... It was awesome, the atmosphere was electric, people were watching and cheering from every available vantage point, the athletes were giving it their all on the water... What could have brought the excitement of sailing to the masses in such style? No, it wasn’t the AC45s... this spectacle of world class performance was in fact the it's-too-windy-to-sail-improvised-International-14-raft-building-World-Championships - awesome!

A close start

The ironically named 'Floater'

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