Saturday, 4 December 2010

Snow on the beach

Weymouth has joined the rest of the UK under a festive blanket of snow. Quicker than you could say, ‘snow angel’ I had reverted to being a child and the garden was adorned with a heavenly effigy. Never fear, my patients didn't have to miss out on their physio, as I skied to work past the snow covered palm trees. A little surreal but will no doubt form the subject of future, “I remember when.....”, “Winters are not what they used to be....” stories.


  1. A bit unreal to see this snow not melting away in minutes in England...
    And yes, of course I had to build a "snowman" as we call them in Germany for the little one.
    Kiel: 50cm+ snow
    Schleswig: 30cm+ snow
    Forecast: more to come the next days.
    Greeting also from the family!

  2. Not content with being half empty, Cheddar is now frozen over and club is closed this weekend...