Tuesday, 19 October 2010

I feel the need, the need for speed!

Weymouth speed week 2010 and the stage was set for a speed show down between the awesome Swiss skiff style foiler and the Mach 2. Perfect foiling conditions awaited us, at the Sailing Academy, 14kts with a bit of chop to keep things lively.

As I foiled down the harbour at over 20kts, wing bar to wing bar with an unknown foreign foiler (although one couldn’t strictly say enemy, they are Swiss after all), I heard the immortal words of Kelly McGillis or was it Amac run through my head... “That’s not possible, the Mach 2 doesn’t have the trust to weight ratio, it has a problem with its inverted flight tanks, it won’t do a negative G push over. What were you doing there? Fortunately I didn’t picture Amac clad in a tight leather skirt slapping his bottom with his teacher’s cane. We communicated for a while, keeping up foreign relations, you know..... then I hit the brakes and he flew right by.

The breeze held in nicely all day and we sent it down the 500m course. I buzzed the tower (committee boat), the race officer spilt his tea down his freshly washed shirt. I entered the one at a time start area at the same time as a windsurfer and broke the rules of engagement, the course officials yelled “That’s a negative, the pattern is full”, I carried on and went for the kill. The Mach 2 blew away my previous personal best max speed with an eye watering 24.7kts, you don’t have time to think up there, if you think, you’re dead. Mirabaud struggled with the tight angle of the course and proceeded below the hard deck, strike one to the Mach 2. Finally the wind dropped off and the remaining competitors bugged out.

The wait for the results began, who was the best of the best? Who’s name was going on the Top Gun trophy? Was my ego writing cheques my body couldn’t cash? Viper uploaded the results and put us out of our misery...I had a 500m average of 20.09kts, Mirabaud 20.89!!! Back to foiler school for me.

On thing is for certain, Mirabaud can be my wingman anytime.

Sadly I didn’t have my camera to snap a quick polaroid, but I my head it went something like this...

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