Thursday, 9 September 2010

Going all the way

Since the whirlwind Mach 2 romance of Silvaplana I had waited nervously by the phone, pacing up and down and checking my messages at embarrassingly unnecessary intervals, waiting for that call that would mean it was more than just a holiday romance. Then it happened, my heart skipped a beat, ‘Mach 2’ flashed up on my phone..... he’d called!!!

Adam was playing with C Class catamarans in the States, I was at a loose end, the weather was looking good and so we arranged a date in Weymouth.

It was fantastic, all that control we experienced in the Swiss mountains came flooding back, although after Silvaplana even the Weymouth flat-water-play-pen seemed a bit bumpy. We exchanged small talk and messed about enjoying each other’s company. There was no denying it, there was electricity in the air and the unspoken hovered around us, would we go all the way... (round). We had a few trial bearaways and then the moment arrived.... it was a little bit awkward at first, I wasn’t quite sure where to put myself, I bumped my nose on his wingbar... and then the magic finally happened. Ok so it wasn’t quite like I had seen in the movies (it always looks so slick when Simon Payne does it, a bit quicker when the younger guys do it and no one quite knows if Tom Whitcher has actually done it). Never the less I was no longer naive and wondering what it felt like to actually do it... listening to all those more experienced Mothies talking about it in the changing rooms, I had finally done it....

a foiling gybe!!!

(Pretty pic by Sunset and Vine)

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  1. Oh oh oh! I need a coffee to recover from reading that. Damn - I've run out of Nescafe Gold Blend...

    How does Cardon Footprint feel about this? Have you told him / her? I really think you ought to say something...